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Welcome to Ikura

Our Izakaya is a celebration of Japanese culinary artistry, offering a diverse range of dishes that represent the essence of Japan’s rich food culture.


What Our Diners Say About Us

”Came here on a weekend night & had a great time. Food was good, prices standard, and service was good too. We were seated at the counter & could see the kitchen activities which were very entertaining. Was quite surprised by the quality of the ramen, salmon sushi rice and yakitori actually. They also had a good deal on beer.

So glad we don’t have to go downtown to find good food anymore as this place opened in our neighborhood. Recommend!
-Alina Savira
“Cozy little space in a convenient mall. My 10 year old enjoyed her tonkatsu ramen whilst my 7 year old loved his salmon ikura don so much he ordered 2 portions but predictably ate only 1 spoonful from the second bowl before declaring he was too full so I ate that up for him. In addition, the kids had a plate of gyoza each as well, and I quite enjoyed the  chawanmushi”
-Dr Jade Kua
“This place serves one of the best barachirashi.. fresh sashimi coupled with lightly warm sushi rice. well deserved 5 stars. Ambience reminds of a Tokyo dine in experience.. really a gem dining place. Gambatte!services.”
-CG Kuah
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